i Logistics USA Receiving Standards

These are the standards by which all items are required to be received at iLogistics USA:

We require confirmation 24 hours before making the pick up or delivery. Hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST. Any unscheduled deliveries or pick up will be subject to additional fees.

-Pricing is $35.00 per PO.

-First Hour Price $25.00

-Additional Hour Price $45.00

-SKU Labeling if it needed $0.50 each item

i Logistics USA will receive the inventory (as long as it is in acceptable condition/no SOW needed and the PO was added 48hrs in advance) within 48 business hours.

Receiving manual to save you time and money:



Warehouse receiving address:

8005 NW 80th ST Suite 1 Door 17 Miami, Florida 33166

POs added into ShipHero and Notification:

  • POs must be entered into ShipHero at the individual unit level at least 48 hours in advance of receipt of goods. 
    • If items arrive and a PO was not entered 48 hours beforehand, then those 48 hours are added to your receiving timeline
      • Example: Items arrive at i Logistics USA but no PO is in the system. From the time the PO is added, we have an additional 48 hours to receive in = 96 hours for Receiving
  • ALL Products must have the UPC code associated with the product at the individual or case level.

We ask that clients include the below information within the PO in ShipHero or by reaching out to their Account Manager at Support@ilogisticsusa.com:

  1. PO Number and any other reference numbers.
  2. Tracking Number/ Shipment Information per piece. We require all tracking numbers + the count for each piece (pallet, carton, etc.) that is expected.
  3. Any special receiving instructions to include if a Scope of Work is needed.
  4. Whether product existed previously or not.*If the product does not exist in the system, request creation or create in your online store.

Types of Shipments and our Requirements:

All incoming shipments must be securely packed or wrapped with an attached manifest that includes a breakdown of what all is included in the shipment. Pallet shipments cannot exceed 56 inches in height or they risk being re-palletized for an added fee.

See below Case Packing Requirements for more details

For LTL (Less than Truckload), Truckload or Container shipments,  A REMINDER THAT APPOINTMENTS MUST BE SET AT LEAST 48 hours IN ADVANCE. ONLY A and B-grade NEW pallets will be accepted. 

  • SP - Small Parcel: This is our most common form of receiving in smaller POs
  • LTL - Less Than Truckload: Anything less than 8 pallets or 20k lbs. 
  • TL - Truck Load: Anything more than 8 pallets to a full tractor trailer. 
  • **Container: Used for Ocean or Overseas Shipments. Containers are not palletized and are loaded floor to ceiling.  

All drivers will be asked to use a wheel chock and to chock the tires prior to entry into our facility. This will ensure the safety of any forklift driver entering a trailer for offload. 

PO’s not uploaded and scheduled at least 48 hours prior to delivery may be subject to additional charges applied during receiving. Charges are based on the size of the shipment:

  • SP - Small Parcel: $20 per shipment (if the footprint is smaller than a 48x40 pallet)
  • LTL - Less Than Truckload: $15 per pallet
  • TL - Truck Load: $250
  • Container: $200 Flat Rate to top of the Unload charge (charge dependent on the number of pallets and time to complete unload) 

**For Container shipments we require appointments to be set well ahead of delivery for either a live unload or for the container to be dropped. You MUST email Support@ilogisticsusa.com to finish scheduling. An additional Ad Hoc fee will be sent for the organization and palletization of the shipment and reflected on your invoice

PO and Shipment Tracking in Ship Hero:

  • Pending: Once a PO has been created, it will show as status Pending.
  • In Route: PO is on its way to our warehouse and has tracking info via the carrier.*This is why it is important to share tracking/ shipment information so our Team can prepare and expect the arrival of your items
  • Partially Arrived: Part of the shipment arrived at our warehouse but has not yet been checked in
  • Arrived: The shipment has arrived at our warehouse but has not yet been checked in.
  • Checking In: The shipment is in the process of being received and counted.
  • Needs SOW: The shipment requires extra work and the scope of work is coming. 
  • SOW sent to
  • SOW in Progress
  • SOW complete
  • Closed: All inventory from this shipment has been received and checked into active inventory and is ready to ship. 

Case Packaging Requirements:

  • All SKUs will be packaged in corrugated packaging. 
  • The exterior label needs to identify if a multi-SKU case or a partial case. 
  • Multiple SKUs will be allowed in a single package as long as each SKU is also packaged individually within.
  • SKU X, Y, and Z can be in the same box but each SKU needs to be separated via inner cases, bagging, etc.
    • Case labels are required on each individual package.
    • Case Labels Should Include:
      • Lot Number:
      • Production Date:
      • Expiration Date:
      • Client/Business Name:
      • Ship Date:
      • Case Count (ie 1 of 3)
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